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Infuriated homeowner blasts their neighbor for blatantly violating crucial city restriction: 'That really chaps my hide'

"Can you call and report him?"

Water restrictions in their city

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In July, a despairing Redditor posted a description of their encounter with a water-wasting neighbor who they say blatantly ignored the water restrictions in their city.

Water conservation is becoming a hot-button issue, especially in the desert climates of the Western United States, where a drought has stretched out for years. As water supplies run low, the price of water goes up, and many worry their water needs won't be met. Some cities and states have taken steps to preserve dwindling aquifers, like banning lawns and even limiting new construction.

According to this Redditor, their town limits the water usage. "We are under water restrictions," they explained. "Only certain houses can water on certain days, and it's restricted to morning/evening hours." That time restriction is important because watering during the hottest part of the day means more water evaporates.

That's why the Redditor said they were shocked to find their neighbor watering his lawn on a hot, sunny afternoon. "I went to check the mail," they said. "It's 105 degrees right now, and the sun is brutal. I heard what sounded like water running and was surprised to see my neighbor watering his lawn with a sprinkler."

According to the Redditor, they had a good relationship with their neighbor, so they asked him why he was watering then. Apparently, the neighbor replied, "Because I can. Because it doesn't cost me anything. Because if I don't, it's not green and looks like yours."

The Redditor said they avoided a confrontation in the moment, but they were angry. "This guy is a 'climate change isn't real' guy, who, when his well ran out, just hammered it deeper. Also illegal," they said.

Commenters sided with the original poster about the situation. "That really chaps my hide. I'm with you," said one user.

"Can you call and report him?" asked another Redditor.

"I could. He's the wrong target, though," replied the original poster. "There are probably 2,500 sprinklers running right now all over the city."

According to the original poster, the real issue is education. "I looked into sending a mailer out to the whole city reminding everyone of the water restrictions and why it's bad to water mid-day, plus some info about lawns and why they're bad, but... I don't have $32K to create and send 10k postcards," they said.

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