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Goodwill shopper stumbles upon vintage Gucci purse selling for a ridiculously low price: 'That's a fantastic find'


Vintage Gucci purse for just $5

Photo Credit: u/sweetsthrow / Reddit

Finding an incredible, cheap designer item hidden on the racks of the local secondhand store is every thrifter's dream. For one Redditor, this dream became a reality when they scored a vintage Gucci purse for just $5. 

In a popular Reddit post, this user shared photos of the stunning Gucci bag they scored at a Goodwill location in northern Phoenix, Arizona. It is a two-tone brown and cream crossbody bag with a flap closure.

And, of course, it's covered in the Gucci logo. 

vintage Gucci purse
Photo Credit: u/sweetsthrow / Reddit
vintage Gucci purse
Photo Credit: u/sweetsthrow / Reddit

Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion house with an iconic legacy in the fashion world, captivating the hearts of style enthusiasts and celebrities alike. The brand is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, distinctive designs, and luxurious materials.  

Gucci bags have hefty price tags ranging from about $930 to $49,000, which means this thrift store find was an unbelievable deal. 

The Redditor believes the purse is likely authentic because it has a serial number label inside. Genuine Gucci bags have a label stitched to the interior with a unique serial number. While modern bags favor fewer digits split into two lines, vintage bags feature one line consisting of nine to 13 digits.

This bag has a 10-digit serial number separated by periods, meaning it was likely produced between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s. 

Buying secondhand clothes and accessories is a more sustainable alternative to buying new ones. While products from luxury fashion brands like Gucci are made with quality materials to last years, there are still environmental impacts to consider. 

High-end brands often use resource-intensive materials like exotic animal skins, fur, and fabrics that require vast amounts of land, water, and energy or killing animals for materials. 

By choosing pre-owned items, we can extend their lifecycle and prevent them from ending up in landfills. This reduces the demand for new production and saves valuable resources. Circular fashion, in which items are reused, repaired, and recycled, decreases the need for endless manufacturing. Gucci is exploring this type of production with its Circular Hub program.

Fellow Reddit users were shocked by this thrift store score in the comment section.

One Redditor said, "That's a fantastic find!"

"Congrats," another user wrote. "Our Goodwills here in [the] San Francisco Bay Area have ridiculous prices."

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