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Shopper shares awe after finding designer shoes at thrift store: 'These are gorgeous'

"Super cute find."

"Super cute find."

Photo Credit: iStock

Thrift store shopping comes with the benefit of marked-down prices, but the discovery of a rare and valuable item makes a day of thrifting even more rewarding.

One Redditor shared their latest find in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a community of people who share a love of hunting for great used items. 

"Super cute find."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Super cute find."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The OP shared several photos of a pair of designer shoes with the caption: "The vintage Coach clogs of my dreams! Thrifted today."

In the photos, the shoes are colorful, clean, and in good condition. One commenter said, "These are gorgeous."

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Consumers like this Redditor who shop secondhand save money on their everyday necessities like clothing and kitchenware. Combing the aisles of a thrift store or a secondhand website can sometimes turn up unexpected surprises at great discounts.

There may be hidden gems such as designer accessories like watches, high-quality furniture, and even expensive items for the kitchen at prices that leave shoppers filled with excitement instead of buyer's remorse. 

Buying used items also keeps them out of our landfills. Many of our everyday needs take a long time to break down once they're in a landfill, and they release methane into our environment, contributing to our planet overheating. 

Thrift shopping has a positive environmental impact, and thankfully, the trend is growing. According to EarthDay.org, over 100 billion garments are produced annually by the fashion industry, yet only 1% are recycled, and 85% of those garments end up in a landfill or incinerator. 

The good news is, "in 2023, the thrifting market will see an estimated 1.4% growth pushing the annual revenue to over $14.2 billion. Moreover, the secondhand market is expected to increase 127% by 2026," EarthDay.org relayed

Commenters loved the OP's thrifted score. One user said, "Clogs are the best, and those are especially fun!"

Another user wrote, "Omg, I remember these!"

"Super cute find," said another commenter

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