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Shopper shares excitement after discovering luxury watch hiding at thrift shop: 'In the corner of my eye I spotted it'

"It pays to make friends with the staff."

"It pays to make friends with the staff."

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One Reddit user's patience finally paid off in the thrift store.

After hundreds of trips spent scouring the aisles, the Redditor spotted something truly remarkable — an Omega Seamaster luxury watch, nestled in the corner, with a price tag of only $4.

The lucky find was posted in Reddit's r/ThriftStoreHauls community, where deal-seekers congregate to share their most exciting secondhand scores. "It pays to make friends with the staff," the poster wrote. "I was about to leave until one of them called me over to look at something unrelated and then in the corner of my eye I spotted it!"

"It pays to make friends with the staff."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Accompanying the post was a photo of the watch itself, an iconic Omega Seamaster model. These high-end watches, known for their association with James Bond, typically retail for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Suffice it to say, $4 is the thrifting deal of a lifetime.

Beyond the thrill of finding hidden treasures, thrifting offers major benefits for your wallet and the planet. Buying secondhand is a simple way to save big on coffee makers, furniture, and yes, even the occasional designer watch.

It's also a crucial tool in the fight against overconsumption. Per a thredUP report, the secondhand market is booming, expected to more than double by 2026 and reach a value of $82 billion, largely driven by eco-conscious consumers. Each pre-loved item kept in circulation is one less destined for the landfill.

Fellow Redditors were quick to share in the original poster's excitement.

"Good find! Get it serviced and maintain it regularly, you have a great piece on your hands! Or wrist rather…," one commenter quipped.

"What a deal for $4!" another chimed in. "Wear it with pride (after you have it serviced and repaired, if it needs it.)"

One summed it up nicely: "That's a particularly nice looking watch. Looks smart."

Whether you're hoping to score big like this Redditor or just shave a few bucks off your monthly expenses, there's never been a better time to embrace secondhand and learn how to find gems at your local thrift store.

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