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Homeowner shares their simple trick for keeping stainless steel appliances sparkling: 'This was necessary info'

"It works great!"

Vinegar simple trick for keeping stainless steel appliances sparkling

Photo Credit: @lex.delarosa / Instagram

A homeowner is showing the world a unique method for keeping stainless steel appliances super clean without the usual toxic solutions from the store. 

The Reel was shared by Instagrammer Alexia Delarosa (@lex.delarosa), who has 329,000 followers and describes her channel as "Sharing moments from daily life, motherhood, and baking."

The scoop

"I know you're all just dying to know how I clean my stainless steel appliances," she says.

The Reel begins with Delarosa showing the steps for making a more natural and non-toxic solution for cleaning stainless steel appliances. 

She pours some distilled white vinegar into an empty spray bottle and then adds filtered water. She then sprays the solution onto the door of her stainless steel refrigerator and wipes away the grime and fingerprints with a towel, leaving it spotless. 

After cleaning the refrigerator, she uses the same solution to wipe down the outside of her stainless steel dishwasher.  

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How it's helping

Traditional store-bought cleaning solutions can contribute to various environmental problems due to their harmful chemical composition. 

For one, they contribute to water pollution when rinsed down the drain or disposed of improperly, harming water quality and aquatic life when they end up in lakes, rivers, and eventually into our oceans. 

They can also lead to soil contamination, which affects the health of plants and can have far-reaching consequences for ecosystems.

The vinegar and water won't bring about such consequences since they are natural and non-toxic.

Another benefit of this hack is that you can reuse the same container without constantly having to buy and discard more plastic, which often ends up in our oceans, harming marine wildlife and potentially taking hundreds of years to degrade.   

Of course, it also saves you money and a trip to the store. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were at no loss for words. 

"Okay but this was necessary info, thank you!" said one. 

Another shared, "I use almost this same mixture plus some rubbing alcohol and it works great on my black appliances!" 

"Okay I am obsessed with you!" gushed another. "I have always been a homemaker and made homemade stuff but I've stepped up since finding you."

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