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Plant expert demonstrates how to grow seemingly unlimited supply from single sweet potato: 'This is so cool'

"And here I am yanking them out and tossing them."

"And here I am yanking them out and tossing them."

Photo Credit: Instagram

A creative hack anyone can do at home has the ability to unlock an unlimited supply of sweet potatoes. No need to worry about the hunt for out-of-season potatoes when you have them fresh at home. Plus, with grocery prices climbing, every penny saved counts. 

Here's the trick: Grow your own sweet potatoes. They're surprisingly easy to cultivate, even in containers, and they'll provide you with a steady stream of deliciousness throughout the season.

The scoop

In a viral Reel, Instagram user Martha (@marfskitchengarden) showed off the hack for infinite sweet potatoes. 

Unlocking this hack is easy. If you have a sweet potato with sprouts, simply place the potato in a container of water. Then, place the container on your windowsill so your sprout can get plenty of sunlight. As Martha noted, "Something magical will happen." 

The sprout will start growing, nurtured by the water and starches stored in the original potato. 

Soon enough, you will have a full sweet potato plant, and you can harvest the potatoes and begin the process all over again. 

With this simple trick, you'll never have to pay for sweet potatoes again. On top of that, the leaves of a sweet potato plant are edible and make for delicious greens, a perfect and healthy addition to any meal.

How it's helping

At a time when people are looking to save on their grocery bills more than ever, creative hacks like Martha's are incredibly helpful. 

This easy trick takes seconds to start, and the benefits can last a lifetime. Imagine never needing to spend money on sweet potatoes again. Plus, growing your own vegetables can be healthier for your body and your mind. When you grow your own, you save money, time, and can be proud of what you've unlocked.

Growing your own sweet potatoes helps the planet, too. You won't need to rely on mass-produced sweet potatoes grown on industrial factory farms, which contribute to polluting the air with chemicals. This hack is a win for your wallet and the environment.

Sweet potatoes aren't the only vegetables you can grow from home. Check out our guide for growing a garden of deliciousness. 

What everyone's saying

People were abuzz with talk of this sweet potato hack.

"No wayyyyy," one user remarked.

"I did not know sweet potato leaves were edible," another said. "And here I am yanking them out and tossing them." 

Finally, another commenter said: "This is so cool. Thank you for this tip."

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