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Ulta Beauty and Pact Collective partner to keep trash out of the cosmetic industry — one empty product at a time

In just three easy steps, you can recycle packaging like bottles, applicators, mascara wands, and lipstick tubes from any brand.

Ulta Beauty, Pact Collective, recycle your empties

Photo Credit: Pact Collective

Ulta has partnered with Pact to tackle waste in the beauty industry. By turning in your empties to an Ulta Beauty X Pact Bin, you can protect your conscience and the planet.

How does the Ulta x Pact Beauty Packaging Collection Program work?

Pact is a nonprofit collective that teams up with beauty and wellness brands to reduce waste from product packaging. Its latest collaboration with Ulta, one of the biggest beauty retailers, could be a game-changer. 

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In just three easy steps, you can recycle packaging like bottles, applicators, mascara wands, and lipstick tubes from any brand. 

The first step is to clean out your empties. You'll want to ensure each item is free of liquid or product residue. Otherwise, they cannot be recycled. Luckily, Pact has a cleaning guide with helpful tips. 

Next, review Pact's Packaging Drop-Off Guide to ensure you're sending empties to the right place. Some packaging can bypass Pact's bins and use curbside recycling instead. Referring to the Pact's Drop-Off Guide will help you dispose of each item properly, reducing waste. 

Once you've cleaned your empties and confirmed which products qualify, you can find an Ulta Beauty x Pact Bin at an Ulta store near you. Pact has a bin locator that will help you find the closest store. 

Why should I bring my empties to an Ulta X Pact Bin? 

Beauty product packaging is often difficult to recycle. With small components made from many materials, half the battle is figuring out if items can be recycled at all. 

Roughly 120 billion beauty packages are made annually, and with so much uncertainty around the best recycling practices, much of this ends up in landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Experts estimate about 70% of these packages end up in landfills. 

Ulta X Pact Bins can offset this waste and make it easier for consumers to discern which items can be recycled. After collecting empties, the program uses three types of recycling to ensure everything is disposed of properly. 

Sending your empties to collection bins can prevent unnecessary beauty waste and allow you to continue splurging on your favorite beauty products guilt-free. 

Are there similar programs to the Ulta x Pact Beauty Packaging Collection Program?

Ulta isn't the only company committed to reducing packaging waste in the beauty industry. 

Pact has collaborated with hundreds of beauty and wellness brands to collect and recycle empties. It has similar programs with Sephora, Fenty Beauty, Ilia, KVD, and more. 

Some recycling programs will even reward you for sending back empties. Mac Cosmetics will give customers a free lipstick for returning six empty lipstick tubes with their Back 2 Mac program

L'Occitane has a similar recycling program with TerraCyle, in which customers can return products and packages in the store and receive 10% off their next purchase. 

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