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Astonishing before and after photos reveal jaw-dropping yard conversion: 'Would love to have you as a neighbor'

"Wow, your house is practically smiling now!"

“Wow, your house is practically smiling now!”

Photo Credit: u/Suspicious-Tea-1580 / Reddit

Photos of one house's yard transformation are enough to make jaws drop.

A Redditor posted the big reveal in the subreddit r/NoLawns. The before photo makes as good a case as any that houses can be depressed, with the homeowner pointing out the broken concrete and overgrown Bermuda grass leading toward the lightless entryway.

The next photo, which the OP said was taken five years later, couldn't be more different, with the sun shining upon the yard replanted with "mostly" native species that happily attracted vital pollinators like bees and butterflies

"Broke out the concrete and added two veggie beds in the middle. Slate walkways winding in between the beds for access," the Redditor wrote. 

"Wow, your house is practically smiling now!" another person said

Photo Credit: u/Suspicious-Tea-1580 / Reddit

Some may be attracted to Bermuda grass because it doesn't need as much water to survive drought conditions. It's important to consider, however, that it can easily spread to unintended places, with gardening resource Properly Rooted pointing out that "chemical edging" is a popular method to avoid damage to other plants.  

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, herbicides — which are commonly used to control Bermuda grass — can make their way into our waters, negatively impacting "the behavior and reproduction of fish, amphibians and invertebrates."

The U.S. Forest Service also notes that adorning your yard with native plants, as the OP did, helps reduce air pollution linked to rising global temperatures and extreme weather events because there's no need for mowing or fertilizers

Other Redditors were overwhelmingly impressed with the results of the yard makeover.

"This looks fantastic! I like how you have natives in front of your veggies. I'm doing something similar with my front yard," one person wrote

"Looks so warm and inviting! Would love to have you as a neighbor," another said.

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