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Home gardener shares amazing solution for handling an overproducing tomato plant: 'How many ... do you have?'

"It turned out delicious!"

Amazing solution for handling an overproducing tomato plant

Photo Credit: u/vistopher / Reddit

A gardener put their tomato sauce on display, with the ingredients picked straight out of the yard. 

The four pictures were posted on the Reddit community r/gardening, which was started in 2008, boasts 5.7 million members, and is "a place for the best guides, pictures, and discussions of all things related to plants and their care." 

"It turned out delicious!" the Redditor wrote in the comments section. 

The first image shows an array of garden-picked tomatoes on paper towels in a kitchen, followed by an image of 10 jars neatly stacked on top of one another, evidently filled with the sauce. 

The other pictures show the sauce being made in a pot on the stove.

tomato sauce
Photo Credit: Reddit
tomato sauce
Photo Credit: Reddit

There are numerous benefits to gardening, especially when the goal is to grow your own food. 

For one, having a diversity of plants in your yard is good for biodiversity and soil health, and it is also useful for sequestering carbon, which means the plants in your garden can help reduce the harmful planet-warming pollutants in the atmosphere. 

Not only does growing your fruits and veggies save you money, it also helps reduce the amount of trash, especially plastic, in the environment as a result of packaging. 

In the U.S. alone, around 40 million tons of plastic is produced each year, but only about 5% actually gets recycled. Much of this ends up in the oceans, causing serious harm to aquatic animals

Redditors were at no loss of words at the idea of skipping the supermarket and making their own sauce from food grown in their yard.

"How many total trees do you have?"  one commenter asked, to which the original poster responded, "I have three, but I started them in mid-march in the ground."

"Do you have a recipe for the tomato sauce?" another person asked

"Sure! It's more of an American style tomato sauce, but it turned out delicious! It's sweet, has good flavor and just a hint of spiciness that blends well with the other flavors," the gardener in mention answered

"10lbs? of cherry tomatoes; 8lbs finely pureed in the blender, 2lbs pulsed in the blender until chunky. No blanching, skin peeling etc required," they continued.  

The original poster said they added a variety of peppers, a garlic bulb, a couple of onions, a few herbs, some pinot noir, and then finished it off with a can of tomato paste. 

Much of the delicious garden sauce ended up in the freezer for the original poster to enjoy over and over again.

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