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Farmer shares hack for speeding up tomato ripening as season comes to a close: 'It will make that plant start to really set heavy fruit'

"Self-sustainability should be taught in every school in the nation!"

Hack for speeding up tomato ripening as season comes to a close

Photo Credit: @fullcirclecompost / Instagram

Try this tip to supercharge your tomatoes before the growing season ends.

In an Instagram Reel from Sept. 1, Full Circle Soils and Compost shared advice from chief soil scientist Craig Witt about how to help tomatoes ripen "in this hard season."

Witt started by highlighting a tomato plant with a big ripe fruit on the bottom and lots of flowers.

"We need to encourage it cuz we're running out of season," said Craig, sporting dark shades and a sombrero while holding a shishito pepper and plant clippings. "So, if I was to take a spading shovel, a narrow shovel, and just cut about 12 inches away from the plant, that will cut those roots, and that plant'll go into shock, and it'll go, 'Oh my gosh, it's time to make tomatoes.' And it'll make that plant start to really set heavy fruit. And if you don't, you'll end up with just little teeny unripe tomatoes — good for tomato jam, [but not much else]."

In response to a commenter's question about whether this technique would work with other plants, the Nevada-based company stated: "It essentially applies to any plant that's fruit bearing. With this tip, the idea is to shock the plant into producing fruit instead of focusing on other areas of growth."

Another user said: "Love these educational clips. Self-sustainability should be taught in every school in the nation!"

Tomato season is coming to a close for much of the country, so many gardeners may be looking to get the most out of their plants before cold weather arrives.

Tomato plants can be determinate or indeterminate. The former grow a certain amount and stop producing fruit, while the latter continue growing and producing fruit all season.

Growing your own food reduces food waste and plastic waste as well as pollution from transportation. It can also save you money, make you healthier, provide homes for pollinators, and help sequester carbon.

To get started, you need to evaluate your space, set goals, and choose your crops.

Tomatoes can be among the easiest foods to grow no matter where you live, and advice abounds online.

"I just had this conversation today," one commenter said. "I got some luscious maders that I was scared wouldn't make it to harvest. Thanks Farmer Craig!"

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