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Shopper makes shocking discovery while browsing at an estate sale: 'You stole those'

"You scored big time."

Tom Ford jackets at an estate sale

Photo Credit: iStock

A Reddit user scored two Tom Ford jackets at an estate sale, saving thousands of dollars on their purchase.

In a popular post on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user shared incredible photos of the authentic Tom Ford jackets that they found.

"Two Tom Ford Jackets for $3 a piece at a fancy estate sale! One with the price tag still on it!" the user wrote in the post's caption.

Photo Credit: u/DonCarlosSmith / Reddit

In one of the photos, the user showed off the original price tag of one of the jackets: a whopping $3,440 at Neiman Marcus. 

"We go to a lot of estate sales, and it's always old lady things," the user wrote in a comment. "This was the first time it was an old man with taste!"

It's clear that buying secondhand can save you tons of money. There's also an environmental benefit to seeking out secondhand products. 

By purchasing used goods like clothes and other items at estate sales, thrift shops, and secondhand stores, you give perfectly usable products a second life, keeping them from entering landfills where they pollute our environment and contribute to the dangerous overheating of our planet.

Users shared their excitement about the jackets in the comment section of the post.

"Nice fit, looks tailor made for you. The luxury of beautiful clothes, material, workmanship. I can't believe you paid $3 each?! Insane compared to that $3,440 price?! My god! You stole those two gorgeous coats. Excellent find!" one user wrote.

"Wow!!!! Super find and SOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Wear them well!!!!" another user said.

"These are both gorgeous jackets. You scored big time wow! Wear in good health. Don't over dry clean those. They look good on you," a third user commented.

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