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Pet owner crafts beautiful indoor playground for cats out of unexpected material: 'A true labor of love'

"Seriously well done."

"Seriously well done."

Photo Credit: u/Bradtholomew / Reddit

Cats are notoriously hard to please, but one set of kitties is enjoying their new indoor wall playground. And the best part? The whole setup was made from reclaimed material.

One Redditor shared how they turned trash into kitty treasure by using scrap wood from an old tobacco farm in their post in the DIY subreddit. This brilliant cat wall is equipped with a bridge, steps, loft, and scratch pads.

"Made a kitty wall with lumber from a tobacco farm kiln," they say, linking to a step-by-step runthrough of the project with photos of two lucky cats relaxing on their new kitty wall.

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Repurposing old materials instead of buying new is a great way to save money. Even if you're not handy like this poster, you can still reuse items like gift wrap, boxes, food containers, and more. 

For instance, you can use an old glass jar as a flower vase or an old paper egg carton to store beads, buttons, or seeds. If you're interested in getting a little more creative, try an easy DIY repurposing project.

Repurposing is also better for the environment. Reusing materials reduces climate-warming gases, prevents pollution from the harvest of raw materials, and reduces the amount of trash sent to landfills.

Overall, the Reddit world agreed that this was a pretty rad repurpose.

"Totally cool and a true labor of love; seriously well done," one person comments.

A few commenters took the opportunity to make some cat puns.

"If you build it, the cat will ignore it," quips one clever commenter, with another replying, "Mewton's 1st law."

A few expressed concerns about the wood sourcing, however, with one saying, "Hope the kiln wasn't used for drying tobacco. Nicotine is very toxic to cats." The original poster says they weren't too worried about this, as the boards were well-sealed and sanded off.

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