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Photos of influencer's 'claustrophobic' room spark outrage: 'Do people not get overwhelmed?'

"For everything that is holy…"

“For everything that is holy ..."

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It's always amazing to see the different world that social media influencers seem to live in. One Redditor took to the r/Anticonsumption forum to share their frustration with the sheer amount of stuff in one influencer's room. 

The user shared screenshots of the influencer's TikTok page, showing a vanity covered in beauty products, nail polish, perfume sprays, and Hello Kitty galore. 

"Do people not get overwhelmed w/ the amount of stuff they have?" the user asked. "For everything that is holy, how do people NOT get tired/overwhelmed with having so much? Just saw this vid of a girl on TikTok cleaning her Vanity…ALLL of this is JUST on her vanity."

Photo Credit: u/FormerInfluence2555 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/FormerInfluence2555 / Reddit

This influencer's shopping problem is nothing short of an environmental catastrophe. There is so much plastic in this one photo that all comes from the burning of dirty energy. It's one thing if the products are used — but it's often that they sit on shelves before getting thrown out in the trash without even being touched. 

This influencer is not the only one who has faced their fair share of controversy on social media. One user shared a video of an influencer's collection of 27 plastic jars of body scrubs shoved into a container in their closet. Another influencer has their entire bedroom Sephora store highlighted on the same Reddit forum. These influencers are supposed to be role models, and having this much waste clearly isn't a great image for them. 

Other users in the comments section were floored by the amount of stuff this influencer has. "Looking at this made me feel claustrophobic," one user wrote

Another user pointed to the wastefulness of this overconsumptionism. "This person requires the supplies of like 30 people to live life. When people take more than they need there is less for everyone else and the Earth is depleted that much more," they shared.

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