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Gardener shares how to get those disgusting 'fungus gnats' out of your houseplants: 'My house is literally infested'

One TikToker said they went from "having an invasion of fungus gnats" to absolutely none.

Saving houseplants from Fungus gnats

Photo Credit: @mtplanters / TikTok

Keeping your houseplants alive and healthy can be a balancing act between watering and pruning and keeping pests away. Luckily, this easy TikTok hack will help you say goodbye to fungus gnats laying eggs in your houseplants, so you can keep your indoor garden vibes thriving.

The scoop

In a video shared to TikTok, mtplanters shows off an easy, affordable way to get rid of gnats once and for all. 

@mtplanters get rid of fungus gnats aka those tiny little flies in your plants 🌱 #howto #diy #pests #hydrogenperoxide #plants #plantstuff #houseplants ♬ Egyptian Pools - Jinsang

The secret is to prevent the larva from ever hatching, as a single gnat can lay 100 to 150 eggs at a time. 

"It's gross, so let's get rid of them," the TikToker says in the video.

The video shows them mixing together a simple solution that kills the eggs on contact: one part hydrogen peroxide to four parts water. Mix the liquids together to create the amount you would normally water your plants, then water your plant with the mixture.

"And just like that, you'll be living gnat free," MT Planters says.

How it's helping

Houseplants are more than just fun decor — they help to clean the air and can sometimes even be a delicious food source. There are lots of easy hacks to keep your garden and houseplants healthy, whether to keep mosquitoes away or put used orange peels to work in your garden.

Considering the cost of seeds or seedlings, pots, and soil that can add up, keeping your plants healthy is important. Plus, using hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive and less toxic than some other pesticides on the market, which can cost you $25 or more

What everyone's saying

"My house is literally infested with fungus gnats," one user wrote. "Praying this works."

Another TikToker said they tried the peroxide hack a few weeks ago and went from "having an invasion of fungus gnats" to absolutely none. 

"It really made all the difference," they wrote.

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