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Cleaning specialist shares her secret trick for the easiest way to clean up major oven disasters

It requires simple ingredients you probably already have.

Photo Credit: TikTok

There's no shortage of cleaning products in the world. Any store selling household necessities has shelves packed with gadgets and cleaners for virtually every purpose — whether practical or not. The fact is the commoditization of cleanliness has created a lot of products, a lot of chemicals, and a lot of waste.

Believe it or not, you don't need all of those harsh, smelly chemicals to keep your home clean. One TikToker recently shared a #cleaninghack for cleaning oven spills with simple ingredients you likely already have.

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The scoop

Had a bit of a spill in the oven? It's jillcomesclean (@jillcomesclean) to the rescue. In an oven cleaning hack, this TikTok cleaner, organizer, and all-around-home helper has a worthwhile tip on cleaning up without the stress.

If you have a spill in the bottom of your oven, grab a can of table salt and start pouring. Spread a generous amount of the salt on the mess and let it cool down. Then, grab a spatula and see how easy it is to scrape up the mess without leaving cemented-on food behind.

Wipe or vacuum the remaining salt, and that's it! 

Still have some particles left behind and want your oven to shine? Sprinkle some baking soda, pour a little white vinegar, and let the natural reaction do the hard work. You'll save yourself the scrubbing and get the job done without the chemicals.

How it's helping

Good for you and good for the earth, this hack is good for everyone involved. You'll save yourself money (and a trip to the store) by using products you likely already have in your pantry. 

This process is easy, too, with no hard scrubbing to get your oven shining like new. Even better? No harsh chemicals — or nasty chemical smells — in your oven and kitchen. Your kitchen can keep that delicious dinner smell without any souvenirs left behind on your appliance.

Household cleaning can be a big job, and chemical products are designed to work. Yet, many of the products on the market can cause skin or respiratory irritation. Traditional cleaning supplies also impact the earth by going into waterways, the air, or landfills.

One commenter replies to the TikTok, simply saying, "Glad to learn about this."

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