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Shopper stunned after opening the old book they purchased at thrift shop: 'Thought I was hallucinating'

"I'm jealous."

The old book at thrift shop

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Thrifting is a great way to find unexpected bargains and huge steals. By shopping at thrift stores and paying such low prices for cool stuff, you're practically making money.

Or, in the case of one Redditor, who took to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit to share their score, you're literally making money. That's because they opened up their most recent purchase and found a crisp one-hundred dollar bill inside.

"Finally happened!" they wrote. They later replied to another commenter, writing, "[I] thought I was hallucinating! I kept opening the book up to look at it lol."

Photo Credit: u/kittygirl7 / Reddit

Who knew a book of old bartending recipes could be worth more than a hundred dollars?

The book in question, the poster explained, is a 2013 reprint of the 1935 "Old Mr. Boston De Luxe Official Bartender's Guide." Now, not only can this lucky thrifter enjoy some homemade Salty Dogs and Brown Derbies, but they also basically got paid to do so.

Thrifting is growing in popularity as more shoppers realize that it is not only a great way to save (or receive, in this case) money, but that it helps the planet as well. Thrifting clothing, for example, keeps textiles from clogging up landfills and leaching microplastics into the soil and water while also reducing our dependence on fast fashion, an industry responsible for a massive amount of pollution.

This lucky Redditor's fellow thrifters were, of course, extremely jealous of their once-in-a-lifetime find. 

"Managed a book/physical media store for a couple of years. Went thru couple dozen […] books and did this with soooooo many books and never found more than a personal letter! Which was an interesting find but never a fresh hundo," wrote one commenter.

"I have looked through hundreds of books every month for almost 20 years. Never found a single dollar," wrote another.

A third wrote, simply, "I'm jealous."

Unfortunately for those Redditors, they will simply have to limit themselves to enjoying books for their endless supply of generation-spanning wisdom and entertainment instead of for the free money.

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