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Shopper stumbles upon 'dream' wedding dress hanging on thrift store rack: 'You hit the jackpot'

"Even without half off it would have been a steal."

"Even without half off it would have been a steal."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The average wedding costs $33,000, according to Forbes — over half of the average American salary. Most brides spend $1,800 to $2,400 on a wedding dress. But one TikToker showed how much you can save if you know where to shop.

Lillybear (@lillyybearrr) said she doesn't have a wedding planned anytime soon. Nor did she feel like thrifting, but it turns out the adventure was well worth it.

@lillyybearrr The way I just found my dream wedding dress for $62 at the thrift store 🥹💗 #fyp #thriftwithme #thrift #thrifthaul #fashion #style #weddingdress #weddingtiktok #outfitinspo #outfit ♬ At Last - Etta James

The video shows a rack of clothing at a secondhand store with an ornate wedding dress hung among the mayhem. 

"Thrifting my dream wedding dress," the TikToker posted. "I literally screamed."

The tag was marked at around $124, but at half off, the thrifter left with a $62 dream dress.

With scores such as this one, you can save thousands of dollars on typically big-ticket items when shopping at second-hand stores. 

Another shopper found a '70s-style wedding dress for $24. One thrifter got her dress for free after exchanging clothes for store credit. One woman found a Vera Wang wedding gown in pristine condition for $20.

Americans buy and trash around 80 pounds of clothes per year. Saying no to fast fashion — and changing the way you shop and look for clothes — has a huge environmental impact. In fact, you could reduce your landfill contributions by 1,680 pounds over 10 years.

And that's what is great about thrifting. You find what you love at a fraction of the cost while making the planet healthier. What's not to love? It's not hard to see why the secondhand apparel industry is expected to be worth $350 billion globally by 2028, according to ThredUp.

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Commenters on the TikTok revealed that the dress is a Maggie Sottero gown called Rhianna Royale. One bridal boutique has it listed for more than $1,500. 

The comments also drew in a lot of other brides, old and new, who shared their stories of thrifted gowns.

"A thrifted wedding dress is the ultimate flex," said one TikToker.

Another commented, "You hit the jackpot."

"Even without half off it would have been a steal," a third person gushed.

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