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Shopper bewildered to uncover true value of secondhand earrings bought at thrift store: 'Actually whistled out loud'

"This is so awesome."

"This is so awesome."

Photo Credit; Reddit

Anyone who loves thrift shopping can tell you how exciting it is to stumble upon a fantastic deal, such as buying a luxury handbag or high-end cookware at a fraction of the retail cost. 

A Reddit user on r/ThriftStoreHauls stumbled upon one gem of a find: a pair of real diamond earrings worth thousands of dollars. 

The post gave a full look at the pair of studs from all sides, bringing particular attention to the backs of the $7 earrings.

"This is so awesome."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"This is so awesome."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Diamond earrings I got yesterday but had to wait until after I got off work to use my diamond tester. Pics of how dirty they were, after I 'cleaned' them at work. And a photo of the backs which is why I decided to take a chance on them being real," the original poster said.

Commenters were intrigued, questioning how the OP would go about finding out the jewelry's true worth.

"Update on the diamond earrings I thrifted. Just picked them up from the jewelers, cleaned and appraised," the user continued in a follow-up post.

The certified appraisal document affirmed that the $7 earrings were actually worth $4,682. 

"This is so awesome."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Not only can thrifting jewelry save you money — and turn a shopping trip into a real-life treasure hunt — but buying secondhand also helps keep these perfectly good products out of landfills. 

By using unwanted items as long as possible, we can all help reduce the waste created by consumerism. 

Fellow thrifters filled the comments with congratulations and tales of their own treasures found while secondhand shopping.

"I love thrift treasure finds! I found a strand of real pearls once — paid $3 and they appraised at $1,200! These studs look very promising!" an excited Redditor commented before the big reveal.  

"Talk about a diamond in the rough," one user joked.

Another person commented, "[I] actually whistled out loud at this one."

"This is so awesome. Thanks for the update. I was telling my daughter about the original post when we were in Goodwill this weekend. We did not find diamonds. But I did score a pair of Lululemon leggings for $5," another user said

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