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Woman shares shocking footage after burying her bra in backyard for weeks: 'It hasn't even been a month yet'

"I'm really amazed at the results."

The Very Good fully biodegradable bra

Photo Credit: @theverygoodbra / Instagram

As much of the clothing industry has deteriorated into expensive, flimsy, and polluting "fast fashion," a few companies have made it their mission to benefit both their customers and the environment with a commitment to quality and responsible practices. 

The Very Good Bra is one of them, offering wire- and plastic-free bras that are well-fitted, comfortable, and safe for the environment.

Founder Stephanie Devine launched the company in 2018 with a Kickstarter campaign to fund her initial design. Since then, the brand has grown, creating a collection of bras in organic cotton that's gentle on both skin and the environment. The cheerful printed patterns are achieved with safe REACH-aligned dyes (following this European health and environmental regulation).

Devine' bras are made without polyester, nylon, or synthetic elastic. The all-natural materials break down easily at the end of a bra's lifespan to avoid polluting the environment or taking up space in a landfill. This also makes it easy to dispose of them. 

"Feel free to bury this stuff in the garden after use or place in your worm farm," Devine wrote on the company's website.

That's exactly what one Instagrammer did. Hannah Churton (@the_worm_monger), a worm farm owner who educates followers on how to maintain their own farms for easy composting, has posted several videos showing viewers how her worms break down different clothing items. In 2020, she received a sample bra from The Very Good Bra for composting.

The results, posted to The Very Good Bra's Instagram, were incredible. In less than a month, the fabric had begun to disintegrate, and the straps had been stripped down to the natural rubber elastic. 

"I'm really amazed at the results," she said in her clip. "It hasn't even been a month yet."

A typical bra with synthetic materials would have simply stayed in the soil of Churton's worm bin.

Besides ensuring its bras are biodegradable and non-toxic, The Very Good Bra also makes it a point to avoid manufacturing extra products that will just go to waste. Whenever the company introduces a new bra, it allows customers to pre-order, ensuring that the bulk of the items it makes will go straight into customers' hands and stay out of landfills.

Because of its responsible practices, The Very Good Bra became a certified B Corp in 2022, meaning that it has been found to have a positive impact on workers, customers, its community, the economy, and the environment.

Devine hopes for a future when eco-friendly materials are more widely used and affordable to benefit customers and the world. 

"We are at a tipping point and your help and support on this journey to keep clothing out of landfill is incredibly important for everyone's future," she wrote on the company's site.

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