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Tesla's 360 dashcam view catches parking garage vandals red-handed: 'Why do people think they can do whatever they want?'

"The owner gets an alert when the alarm is triggered."

"The owner gets an alert when the alarm is triggered."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The owner of a Tesla was shocked at the footage caught by his security camera.

Gabriel (@tesla_addicted) posted the video and set it to the tune of "American Idiot" by Greenday.

@tesla_addicted And definitely the police will see this video. 🎥Fernando C YT. #foryou #tesla #vandalism #vandal #fyp ♬ American Idiot - Green Day

The Tesla 360 camera revealed two young adults vandalizing the Tesla in a parking garage just after midnight for no apparent reason other than it's a Tesla. 

After a failed attempt at trying to pull out the charging cord, the vandals resorted to kicking the vehicle instead. 

"The owner gets an alert when the alarm is triggered," Gabriel revealed after noting that the Tesla is recording everything all the time.

EVs and charging stations have become major targets for bullying and vandalism — from cutting charging cables for money and intentionally rolling coal in an EV's direction as a flex to stuffing raw meat into the chargers.

Clearly, not everyone is supportive of the EV movement. Some people rely on the gas and coal industries for a living and see EVs as a threat. Others are not fans of the Tesla Corporation and stand against all EVs as principal. Many simply disagree with the changes and practices being implemented to cool our planet and retaliate as a protest.

It's important to remember that minimizing pollution helps all of us. In an updated article, the Union of Concerned Scientists revealed that powered cars, buses, and trucks are responsible for over 20% of all Earth-warming air pollution. According to the EPA, a typical car sends more than 10,000 pounds of toxic gases into the air each year.

Transitioning away from dirty energy fuels like coal, oil, and gas is essential as we battle the overheating of our planet. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions reported that the United States is one of the top three global polluters in this category.

These are just a few of the reasons many car owners are considering EVs. If you're considering making the switch, there are all kinds of resources and advice on how to get the most for your buck.

The post was met with combative prerogatives from all sides of the EV spectrum.

"A good quality video as well," one TikToker admired.

"Why do people think they can do whatever they want?" another wrote with an eye-roll you could feel.

A third TikToker reminded everyone of the golden rule, saying, "Everything you do in life will return back to you."

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