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Dismayed tenant shares unbelievable before-and-after photos following landlord's 'drastic measure': 'I would be livid'

"Hope that was worth the value he just subtracted from the home."

"Hope that was worth the value he just subtracted from the home."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user was dismayed when their landlord cut down a tree more than half a century old, leaving their yard bare. Fellow users of the subreddit r/gardening validated their frustration.

"My landlord cut down my happy little big tree today," the Redditor wrote, with an accompanying photo. "My old man next door … gifted this tree to the original owner of my home 56 years ago." 

A second photo showed the stump sitting in a patch of dirt.

"Hope that was worth the value he just subtracted from the home."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of landlords and HOAs taking action that is upsetting, harmful, or downright illegal when it comes to property management. 

Tenants are often penalized — or even threatened with eviction — for hanging their laundry outside to dry for no reason other than its appearance. However, using clotheslines is estimated to save up to 20% on annual utilities, making it appealing to many tenants. Because of this, states have been working to enact laws concerning a tenant's "right to dry," and over 20 states have introduced such laws.

Landlords are also notorious for preventing tenants from landscaping or gardening. 

"IMHO, having an empty lot of homogenous non-native grass is just slightly less depressing than a parking lot," one person commented.

In the case of this post, the loss of a tree isn't just an eyesore — it can also damage the environment. "I hate "blocks natural light" [as an excuse] … like yeah but it provides cooling and oxygen," one Redditor wrote. "It's not blocking, it's utilizing, and a lot better than grass."

Choosing to allow, or even encourage, these money-saving and eco-friendly choices is a smart decision for landlords. With renters increasingly prioritizing environmentally conscious choices in their homes, the ability to hang laundry or grow food could make a property stand out.

For tenants dealing with overly restrictive HOAs and landlords, there are several ways to take action. 

Other Redditors sympathized with the original poster, with one saying, "I would be livid. I HATE when people cut down trees unnecessarily." 

"Hope that was worth the value he just subtracted from the home," one person wrote.

"WTF!? I have a friend whose landlord cut down a whole grove (essentially) because he was tired of raking up the leaves. I don't understand why the landlord wouldn't first ask if anybody was willing to pitch in and rake the leaves," another person commented. "Why not see if he can take a less drastic measure?"

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