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Target customer shares video highlighting the store's best 'sustainable swaps': 'Love everything about this'

"It makes it more accessible to everyone!"

Sustainable swaps target customer

Photo credit: @jhanneu / Instagram

Everyday items like mouthwash and deodorant are a necessity for most Americans, but they often come with an environmental price tag because of their production, ingredients, or packaging. 

However, more and more companies are offering environmentally friendly options that you can find on the shelves at your friendly neighborhood Target.

Instagram user Jhánneu (@jhanneu) spotlights some sustainable "swaps" you can purchase on your next Target run.

First, she highlights a reusable straw set from the brand Room Essentials. She also features Rhyme & Reason, a hair care brand that uses packaging made from 100% recycled materials. 

Her third shout-out goes to Hey Humans Deodorant while the fourth goes to the Colgate mouthwash "Swish," which comes in an aluminum bottle.

With climate change, habitat loss, COVID outbreaks, and other environmental concerns plaguing our planet, more and more consumers are turning to environmentally friendly products, a trend that Target has jumped on

The company says they are devoted to making sustainable products more affordable and accessible. Some of these products are described as "clean," and are formulated without select "chemicals of concern." This is a win for the environment and for consumer health.

Even if it feels like a small contribution, each sustainable purchase you make impacts the planet. For instance, buying a product with packaging that is made out of recycled materials reduces the need for new resources to be exploited. 

It also helps keep them out of animal habitats. Alarmingly, it is estimated that the amount of plastic in the oceans will triple to almost 33 million tons per year. This endangers the entire underwater ecosystem and its inhabitants.  

Overall, commenters were pretty stoked about Jhánneu's hacks, with one saying, "Love everything about this! ♻️✨🙏" Another adds, "Target has had more & more stuff lately. I love it bc it makes it more accessible to everyone!"

The reviews were mixed over the aluminum packaging on the Colgate mouthwash, with one user questioning whether it was really eco-friendly. 

"Is the mouthwash container refillable? Does the company have a refill option? Otherwise it is not sustainable, it just doesn't use plastic," one commenter points out. 

According to an article from GreenBiz, aluminum does have a higher recycling rate. 

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