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Cleaner shares mopping tip that doesn't require expensive disposable pads: 'Enjoy a wallet and Earth friendly cleaning hack'

"Could easily use old towels and washcloths too."

"Could easily use old towels and washcloths too."

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Reduce and repurpose your cleaning waste with this Reddit hack.

The scoop

A Reddit user shared a mopping hack to r/ZeroWaste, and all you need is an old T-shirt. "Enjoy a wallet AND earth friendly cleaning hack," they captioned the post.

"Could easily use old towels and washcloths too."
Photo Credit: Reddit

If you own a Swiffer mop, you can save on buying refills by making your own at home.

Simply cut an old T-shirt, washcloth, or other fabric into a rectangle and insert it in your Swiffer as normal. You don't need any fancy cleaning products, either. To make a natural and effective floor cleaner, just use hot water, vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. If you're looking for a fragrance, try adding a bit of lemon juice or other safe essential oil.

How it's helping 

Swiffer pad refills can be pricey. If you use more than one in a cleaning session, the cost can add up quickly. You can save a ton of money by repurposing an old T-shirt into a sustainable Swiffer pad. Plus, your scraps are washable, meaning you'll never have to buy Swiffer pads again.

Swiffer pads are single-use items made from polyester, which is not biodegradable and requires extensive carbon emissions to produce. The wet cloths are also packed with artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. They're expensive, unsustainable, and potentially harmful to you.

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What everyone's saying 

Many users had been using this cleaning trick already.

"I use old paint rags … made of t-shirt fabric," one user commented. "Use hot water and white vinegar in a bucket, just wring it out, and delight in the grossness that is now in the bucket and not on your floors! Could easily use old towels and washcloths too."

Another said: "Yup! I use dish rags for this!"

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