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Redditor shares 'smart' cleaning hack that saves you money on Swiffer pads: 'It's my favorite'

"Your standard washcloth fits your Swiffer dry mop just fine."

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Photo Credit: u/Avocadosandtomatoes / Reddit

Is there any cleaning tool more convenient than a Swiffer? A broom, mop, and cleaning rag all in one, it's the easiest way to tackle big messes and tiny spills alike.

But then, you have to change the pads — and who has time for that?

The scoop

In a now-viral post, one Redditor shared their genius solution to that problem. In their post, they showed a regular old Swiffer mop — but instead of a Swiffer pad at the end, they'd attached a washcloth. 

"Your standard washcloth fits your Swiffer dry mop just fine. I use it to do a quick mop," the Redditor writes. 

How it's helping

A pack of 32 Swiffer pads costs about $20, which can add up quickly, especially in homes with pet fur that require frequent mopping.

Plus, those disposable pads are harmful to our planet and even our health.

As a disposable product, Swiffer pads are landfill-bound, contributing to the methane produced by landfill waste. Landfills are the third largest producers of methane, a heat-trapping gas more potent than carbon dioxide — trapping 80 times more heat that contributes to the overheating of our planet. 

Using a washcloth instead of a Swiffer pad means you can reduce your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and reduce your environmental footprint. Cutting up old towels to the Swiffer size will also help reduce your footprint and save you money.

What everyone's saying

Some Redditors praised the hack, calling it "smart." Meanwhile, others also shared some of their own. "You can use a squeegee on a broom handle too with your cloth. It's called Cuban mopping. It's my favorite," one user writes.

Another Redditor says that cloth diapers fit the Swiffer and also make for great dust rags."I use a microfiber cloth with my Swiffer like this to dust my walls," writes another Redditor. " Works like a charm."

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