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From Elizabeth Holmes to Bennifer, here's how to sustainably pull off this year's most zeitgeisty Halloween costumes

If there's one thing I would love to forgo this spooky season, it's the exorbitant price tag that comes with buying an elaborate Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly couple's costume.

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If there's one thing I refuse to go without amid the quest for a less wasteful existence, it is an elaborate, pop-culturally relevant Halloween costume. 

But if there's one thing I would love to forgo this spooky season, it's the exorbitant price tag that comes with purchasing every single item in an elaborate Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly couple's costume. 

Below are some zeitgeist-y costume ideas meant to inspire you that there are better options this Halloween than panic-buying $300 worth of things on Amazon on October 29 and watching as the minutes tick down until the 8 p.m. delivery window closes on the night of your costume party. 

'It's Corn' Kid

A star was born this August when man-on-the-street TikToker @doingthings encountered a 7-year-old boy named Tariq who simply loves corn more than anyone else on the planet does. 

The good news here is that you can easily recreate his look at around a $10 price point. Start by evaluating your own graphic tee drawer or checking out the tee shirt selection at your local thrift shop for anything featuring cars or buses to wear with jeans. You can also simply opt for a plain yellow t-shirt, as Tariq has sported in subsequent videos

Finally, and most essentially, you're going to need to tote around a cob or can of corn (to be eaten or composted or saved for later) and, of course, memorize your lines. Can't imagine a more beautiful thing. 

@doingthings Do you think corn is real? 🌽 @Recess Therapy ♬ original sound - Doing Things

Elizabeth Holmes 

The beauty of notorious girlboss Elizabeth Holmes' classic getup is that it consists entirely of capsule items, or wardrobe staples you can wear again and again in different ways. 

For her signature look, you just need a black turtleneck, black trousers, thick eyeliner, and, of course, her red lipstick

Comb your hair back into a sleek pony and boom, you're ready to scam your investors out of billions of dollars. 

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson 

Kim and Pete may be history at this point, but that doesn't mean this pop cultural moment is dead. 

The beauty of dressing like Pete Davidson for Halloween is that he has made an entire career off of being an average guy. For this half of the costume, you can wear jeans and a flannel or crew neck pulled together with a baseball cap or a beanie and chain, all of which your local thrift shop (or, possibly, a good friend's closet) should be brimming with. Remember — layers are your friend here. 

For Kim, you cannot go wrong with a neutral, curve-accentuating bodycon dress, which resale sites like Depop are absolutely full of, and a pair of basic heels either from your closet, a friend's closet, or a thrift store. If you're looking to dress it down, you can always opt for a simple bodysuit from Everlane, Organic Basics, or Detoure, paired with high-waisted jeans and heels. 

Those with shorter or lighter hair may want to consider hitting up a local thrift shop for long, dark costume wigs or check out listings on Depop to really complete the look. And for makeup, you know we're going glam with a contour sharp enough to cut glass. 


2022 was truly a red-letter year for iconic celebrity couples, including Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who, in the plot twist of the century, are now married after a 2004 breakup that left our hearts in tatters.  

The beauty of dressing up as Ben Affleck, much like Pete Davidson, is that he very much just dresses like a guy you might run into at your local Dunkin'. You can probably source most elements, like jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel, from your own closet or that of a friend. You will, however, need to get crafty and fashion yourself some heavy five-o'clock shadow with an eyebrow pencil — the more disheveled you look, the better. And of course, no Ben Affleck costume would be complete without Dunkies. 

Grab a reusable coffee cup, print a Dunkin' label, and slap it on the side for an absolutely free costume accessory. Never be afraid to leverage a printer for costume embellishments you don't want to burn cash on. 

For J.Lo, we are rocking golden glam. Think ornate. Think flashy and elegant all at once. Are we in the mood to splurge on a staple item that will last for many special occasions to come? Try this Reformation silk jumpsuit. Are we in the mood to wear this outfit once before selling it online or letting a friend borrow it for their own costume? Depop, thredUP, and Detoure have less-expensive options for literal days.  

Complete the look with glam sunglasses, a wicked contour and soft smokey eye, and, of course, Jenny from the Block's signature flowing, wavy locks. 

Top Gun

This look is as much a costume as it is a nice outfit. All you need is a white tee, jeans, and a green bomber jacket. There are tons of vintage options available on Depop, which even come complete with patches, much like in the movie. If you're down to spend a little extra coin or are just in the market for a new wardrobe staple, you can't go wrong with Everlane's classic men's bomber. And again … never underestimate the power of a printer when looking to add embellishments to anything in a budget-friendly way. 

Don't forget your aviators. 

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