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Repairman demonstrates why you should avoid common laundry product: 'I stopped using [it] years ago'

While cleaning the machine out, he talks about the other harmful consequences of these products.

While cleaning the machine out, he talks about the other harmful consequences of these products.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Common laundry products like fabric softeners and dryer sheets are often full of toxic chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to your health, washing machine, and the environment. That's why swapping products for sustainable alternatives is so great.

The scoop

TikToker Derrick (@derrickwith2rs_) shared a great video explaining some of the reasons why fabric softeners and dryer sheets should be avoided at all costs.


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Derrick's video shows us all of the buildup in a washing machine from using fabric softeners and dryer sheets. While cleaning the machine out, Derrick talks about the other harmful consequences of these products. 

For starters, he explains that the products contain glutaral, which can trigger asthma attacks and skin allergies. Secondly, a lot of laundry products contain the artificial D&C Violet 2, which Derrick says "has been linked to cancer and is toxic to marine life."

To avoid using products with these chemicals and toxins, Derrick recommends using a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in your wash instead. It makes clothes feel soft and smell clean without any adverse impacts.

How it's helping

If your laundry products — or other household cleaning products — are full of ingredients you can't pronounce, there is a good chance those ingredients may cause harm to your health, your home, and the environment. By replacing these products with safer options, such as vinegar, you can save money, reduce your waste, and keep yourself and others healthier.

Take D&C Violet 2, for example, which Derrick brought up in his TikTok video. The chemical "is a synthetic dye produced from petroleum or coal tar sources," according to EWG's product database, meaning it is a product of dirty energy production. Its link to cancer has also caused it to end up on numerous ingredient watch lists for skin care products and makeup, as per Sans Skincare.

Feel overwhelmed by the thought of eliminating all cleaning products with safer and more sustainable products? Have no fear — check out this guide to read numerous examples of sustainable cleaning hacks and learn about the money you'll save and the ecological benefits. 

Some of these hacks include using vinegar and hot water to disinfect your floors or using half of a lemon and some salt to keep copper pots and pans as shiny as ever.

What everyone's saying

Derrick's recommendation of using vinegar in laundry for softer and fresher clothes has been tried and trusted by many.

"I stopped using fabric softener years ago when I spent 6 hours cleaning waxy gunk out of my Speed Queen," commented one user.

"Oh my god, thinking back, I haven't had an asthma attack since I stopped using softener!" exclaimed another user.

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