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Thrift shopper leaves others jealous after sharing their 'stunning' hanging lamp find: 'I literally gasped when I saw this'

"I think you scored big!"

“I think you scored big!”

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Shopping for new furniture is pricey, time-consuming, and overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from. 

Instead of spending hours browsing for new pieces the next time you're looking for furniture, try checking out your local thrift store.

A Redditor shared their find with r/ThriftStoreHauls, a community dedicated to sharing secondhand finds. They purchased a multicolor stained glass hanging lamp, which they hung over their dining room table.

 stained glass hanging lamp
Photo Credit: u/caniaskthat / Reddit

"What do y'all think of this hanging lamp find?" they wrote in the caption. "$50 to replace a plain Jane dining room hanging lamp with a splash of color in the new house we just bought. No idea if it's legit or valuable or anything but we liked it and wanted to recycle something used and older instead of the fast factory stuff from China."

Most stained glass hanging lamps cost at least $100. Secondhand furniture, on the other hand, tends to sell for 20-50% of its original price. 

Additionally, buying secondhand keeps furniture out of landfills. Every year, Americans throw out over 112 million tons of furniture. Much of that furniture is made of materials that don't break down for a very long time. When you buy secondhand, you give old furniture a second life and keep harmful materials out of landfills where they could pollute the air, soil, and water.

Commenters were impressed with the original poster's find. 

"I literally gasped when I saw this, it is beautiful!" one wrote

"I think you scored big!" another added. "That's stunning. Definitely valuable … Don't know about the name of the maker or anything of that sort, but just looking at how many pieces make it up, there's no doubt that it's at least somewhat valuable," another said. "I wouldn't sell it if I didn't absolutely need to though, it's very eye-catching. Great find, OP!"

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