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Gardener shocked after discovering how Sriracha sauce can help your struggling houseplants: 'My jaw literally dropped'

"Why is it spicy?"

Watering plants with empty Sriracha bottles

Photo Credit: @marfskitchengarde / Instagram

You may love watering your plants, but you probably don't like worrying about spilling water from a watering can. Luckily, there may be a free and environmentally friendly solution in your recycling bin.

A recent viral Instagram reel highlights the perfect use for your empty Sriracha bottles. The hack comes from Martha (@marfskitchengarden), a gardener in London, who shares beginner gardening tips on their Instagram.

The Scoop

All you need is an empty Sriracha bottle — the small tip on the bottle is perfect for watering your plants without drenching the surrounding area. You can easily point the water to even the tightest nooks and crannies in your pots

When you're finished with your latest bottle of Sriracha sauce, all you need to do is clean out the bottle and refill it with water. Make sure to clean out the bottle thoroughly (your plants don't like spicy food as much as you do!). 

Martha's hack shows all types of potted plants, from succulents, seedlings, terrariums, and more, all to the tune of Kris Kardashian saying, "it's perfect" and "it's my dream." A dream hack, indeed!

How it's helping

If you have indoor plants, you've probably made some spills when trying to water your plants. Most watering cans are too large for indoor plants, and cups or pitchers don't deliver the water precisely enough for small plants. Martha's hack allows gardeners to put the water only where it's needed. 

Not only will you save your apartment or house from spillage, but you'll save money and the planet. By reusing the empty bottle, you keep it from going to a recycling plant or landfill. You can also save money instead of buying a specialized watering can. You can keep multiple bottles around the house and quench your plants' thirst as needed.

What everyone's saying

This simple hack doesn't overcomplicate a solution but rather suggests just reusing something you would otherwise discard. No wonder more than 20,000 people on Instagram liked this hack. Commenters love this hack, saying it's "genius" and "brilliant." Others tagged their friends, asking for their extra Sriracha bottles.

Some of the other commenters note how they hope their plants like spicy, with the top liked comment quoting another viral TikTok sound: "Why is it spicy." 

Jokes aside, Martha's hack reminds us to look again at our trash and see how we might find a new use for it. You don't always need to buy something new to solve the little problems you run into every day.

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