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Gardener reveals ‘fantastic’ hack to sow several seeds within seconds: ‘Made things so much easier’

“I tried this trick this weekend!”

Sowing seeds

Photo Credit: @thedallasgardenschool / Instagram

Gardeners have found their way to an Instagram Reel showing a no-fuss method to sowing seeds very, very fast. 

The Dallas Garden School (@thedallasgardenschool) posted the gardening tutorial on Instagram, hoping to turn a tedious task into a fast and easy trick. These tips make direct seeding a little less of a chore.

The scoop

In the first step, gardeners take a board or plank on its side and press into the soil until it reaches a dip, or “proper depth.” After pressing into the soil, you should see a small canal or row. These rows will often extend down the entirety of the planter box, or where you plan for your seeds to grow. 

After creating your board rows, sowing seeds becomes a breeze. The second step simply involves dropping the seeds into the row for planting. The indented rows provide the perfect place for seeds to fall in place. 

In step three, the board comes back to finish the job. Taking the same end of the board, you can gently brush the mounds of dirt pushed aside for the row back into place. 

Once the seeds are fully covered with soil, you can lightly pat the top of the row to even it out. The seeds are ready to grow in their rows once they are all tucked in.

How it’s helping

The pandemic brought about many new things, including a new interest in gardening, especially among younger people. In fact, the National Gardening Association conducted a study in 2021 and found about 18.3 million new gardeners, most of them millennials. 

More households recognize gardening as an accessible and fairly simple hobby, resulting in more people growing their food. If people eat from their gardens, their homegrown foods save money and lessen pollution caused by food transported from one place to another. 

With hacks like this tutorial from the Dallas Garden School, new and seasoned gardeners alike can save time and discover how this soothing activity benefits themselves and their communities.

What everyone’s saying

Other Instagrammers responded in support of the hack, with one raving about their personal experience with the tutorial. 

“I tried this trick this weekend! [It] made things so much easier!” they write.

“Fantastic tip,” another adds.

“Trying this,” another writes. 

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