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Defiant homeowner triumphs over heavy-handed HOA in ridiculous roof spat: 'They cannot deny you'

The homeowner said the HOA "sighted the location of them as being an eyesore."

The homeowner said the HOA "sighted the location of them as being an eyesore."

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A popular Reddit thread details how one user ultimately won the right to install solar panels after repeatedly being denied by their HOA.

In the comment, the user sets the scene. "Upscale beach neighborhood, Repeatedly refused my solar panel application, sighted the location of them as being an eyesore (top of the back side of the house....not visible from street)," they write, noting they fought against the panels at four different meetings, delaying installation. 

Ultimately, the Redditor cites the state law and says that "they immediately backed down and amended their covenants." 

They also note that a standard clothesline is a "solar collection device" and, the Redditor says, "they cannot deny you use of that either, so if you want to play dirty — hang a bunch of beach towels in your yard!"

Solar panels can help reduce your home's energy costs. On average, U.S. homeowners with solar panels can save about $1,500 a year. But savings can vary widely depending on roof size, sunlight exposure, local energy prices, and city or state solar incentives.

With the cost of solar power decreasing along with a number of other positive incentives, a growing number of U.S. homeowners are turning to solar energy. Last year, Americans installed enough solar panels to power more than 20 million homes, contributing to nearly 3% of the electricity generated in the country. 

According to one Redditor, most states now have laws that state HOAs "cannot restrict solar panel installations." Another concurs, saying that in their state, "it's illegal for them to obstruct installation of solar panels, so long as it's on your roof, you can install as many as you want."

Another Redditor applauds the effort. "I love seeing solar panels. It means somebody is being energy responsible," they write.

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