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Photos reveal shocking aftermath of negligent driver crashing into solar farm: 'Surprised … they remain in one piece'

"I believe it was a Ram."

“I believe it was a Ram.”

Photo Credit: iStock

The r/solar subreddit is a place where solar energy enthusiasts come together to discuss "solar photovoltaic systems, modules, the solar energy business, solar power production, utility-scale, commercial rooftop, residential, off-grid systems and more." 

Recently, the members of the subreddit got a chance to discuss a slightly new twist on that topic — what happens when a driver rams their car into a solar array?

The answer is pretty much what you would expect. The solar array takes a lot of damage. The photos posted with the caption "Panels vs. Car" show that the array in question is clearly not in great shape after a driver slammed into it.

Photo Credit: u/The-Land06 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/The-Land06 / Reddit

However, some of the Redditors were able to take solace in the fact that the clean energy solar array, while heavily damaged, was still not causing any of the environmental problems that a similarly damaged dirty energy source would cause.

"Oof look at all that toxic panel juice all over the place," wrote one commenter, sarcastically.

Similarly, other commenters were also able to find humor in the situation.

"What kind of car? Most panels are only rated for corollas and smart cars," wrote one.

"I believe it was a Ram," another jokingly replied.

One person couldn't believe the array held up so well, saying, "Surprised … they remain in one piece … I thought they are very brittle."

The original poster also clarified in the comments section that the solar array did not belong to them, but that their company had provided the racking hardware, and that it did not appear to have been rammed intentionally, as slippery road conditions and someone going "a little too fast" were to blame.

"Funniest part is the installation was done at an insurance company's headquarters!" the original poster wrote.

Solar arrays (when they are not being destroyed by reckless drivers) can be a great way to save money and help the planet at the same time. Unlike dirty energy sources such as oil, coal, and gas, solar energy is a renewable resource that does not release planet-overheating and air-polluting gases. 

The popularity of solar is currently rising across the United States (and the world) as people increasingly turn away from the polluting dirty energy sources of the past.

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