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Excited gardener shares progress photos of newly planted garden: 'This is going to be so gorgeous soon'

"I'm so excited."

"I'm so excited."

Photo Credit: iStock

The benefits of native plant gardens are slowly taking root and garnering attention on social media. Across Reddit, homeowners are showcasing their vibrant gardens, sparking conversations about the benefits of embracing native plants in landscaping.

One social media moment capturing this trend is a post shared by a user from Illinois showcasing their thriving pollinator garden. 

"I started my native plant pollinator garden last fall, and added some more this spring. They're still babies but I can see the ones from last year starting to get bigger," said the Redditor. "There's milkweed, aster, coneflowers, and some bluestem grass. And some bee balm in there as well."

"I'm so excited."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I'm so excited."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post not only highlights the beauty of native plant gardens but also serves as a testament to the growing interest in environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Native plants are adapted to local climates and soil conditions, requiring less water and maintenance compared to traditional lawns. This shift toward native plant gardens reflects a broader awareness of the importance of conservation and sustainability.

The impact of these gardens extends beyond aesthetics. 

By replacing traditional lawns with native plants, homeowners can significantly reduce water consumption, leading to lower water bills and conservation of precious resources. Additionally, native plants provide crucial habitat and food sources for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds. As pollinators play a vital role in crop production and ecosystem health, supporting their populations benefits wildlife and humans.

Commenters on the post echoed enthusiasm for native plant gardening, expressing excitement about the future growth of the garden and sharing their own experiences. 

One commenter wrote: "This is going to be so gorgeous soon. Really exciting to see folks planting native plants. Hope it brings you joy for years." 

Another commenter chimed in, saying: "I just planted some babies too, also zone 5b! I'm so excited."

By embracing a natural lawn in landscaping, homeowners can save time and money on lawn maintenance, conserve water, and support biodiversity. Whether it's replacing an entire lawn or incorporating native plants into existing landscapes, every effort toward sustainable gardening contributes to a healthier planet for future generations.

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