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Shampoo bars can save you serious cash every year — but only if you use them with this one, all-important product

You can find tons of options for less than $10.

Soap cover

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Shampoo bars are quickly becoming popular as Americans discover that they can save serious cash by upgrading from their liquid shampoos in wasteful plastic bottles.

Since shampoo bars last two to three times longer than liquid shampoos, on average, most people save cash, trips to the store, and bathroom space by making the swap.

And the savings are real. Depending on how expensive your liquid shampoo is and how frequently you wash your hair, you could realistically expect to save $60 each year while reducing your plastic waste.

But there's a catch. You can't just let your shampoo bar sit at the bottom of your tub between washes. Bar shampoos are more susceptible to water damage than liquid shampoo, so keeping them dry when not in use is essential.

How to protect your shampoo bars

Since bar shampoo is made with natural ingredients, it can break down when exposed to water. This can cause the bar to become mushy and lose its effectiveness. 

The companies specializing in shampoo and conditioner bars recommend that people store the bars in cool, dry places. Basically, you need to keep shampoo bars in areas where your product isn't wasted or contaminated by coming in contact with excess water. 

Luckily, there's a simple and cheap solution to keeping your bar shampoo in good condition: soap covers!

Soap covers allow the bars to dry out between uses while protecting them from water damage and unwanted growth. These covers are usually very affordable. You can find tons of options for less than $10.

If you don't want to buy a new soap cover, use any old soap dish or container around the house. Just clean it every other week so no mold or mildew starts growing on your bars.

With this simple purchase, you can start saving cash on your hair care routine immediately while being good to the planet.

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