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TikToker reveals 'industry secret' hack for ridding old clothes of bad smells: 'This is what we do for costumes'

First, the TikToker fills a spray bottle with vodka and sprays their clothing items generously.

Hack for using vodka

Photo Credit: @bitchy.vintage / TikTok

When someone mentions vodka, what are the chances that the first thing you think of is a cleaning hack?

Surprisingly, the spirit seems to be extremely helpful for cleaning old clothes, as shown in a viral video from TikToker @bitchyvintage. Whether you've bought clothes secondhand and they have an odd smell, or if your clothes simply need a refresh, this thrifter has a solution.

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The scoop

In step one, the TikToker fills a spray bottle with vodka and starts to spray the example clothing item generously. The creator tells viewers, "Douse this guy down. Don't be shy, really get in there. Inside too."

For step two, leave the clothing item to hang dry in the wind to air out. 

You can also use the vodka spray bottle as a glass cleaner to wipe down windows or pairs of glasses. In the video, the vodka spray bottle and clean rag take care of glass streaks in a pinch.  

How it's helping

Many cleaners seemingly get the job done, but most of the time, we don't know how they are regularly affecting our bodies and homes. Some popular detergents have recently been revealed to contain traces of the chemical 1,4-Dioxane, a probable human carcinogen

Meanwhile, vodka has proven to be quite the cheap multitasker. This bar cart staple can eliminate hazardous cleaners from your home while remaining low impact on the environment and your wallet — depending on the brand you use.

What's everyone saying?

Tiktokers commented how they find the vodka spray bottle one of the best tips. 

One user even comments, "This is what we do for costumes too in my biz (costumer on tv shows)." To that, the original poster responds, "I'm over here leaking industry secrets."

Another user comments, "Please use a cheaper vodka! Grey Goose is a terrible thing to waste." And the original user replies, "Fair point. I don't really drink anymore tho. I've had this bottle for almost two years."

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