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Save money and keep your home's temperature in control with a smart AC controller

To save money and keep you in control, you need a smart AC controller.

To save money and keep you in control, you need a smart AC controller.

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Your heating and air conditioning system is there to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but it only works when the controls are set correctly. 

Leave your AC on when you go out of town or accidentally bump the controls before you go to work, and you can come back to a home that's freezing cold or boiling hot. To save money and keep you in control, you need a smart AC controller.

What is a smart AC controller?

For those of us with central AC and heating, a smart thermostat is a simple way to control our energy use in an easy, money-saving way. But for those of us with portable AC, portable heaters, window units, or a mini-split system, a smart controller could be the answer.

These devices can turn your portable systems into highly controllable smart devices. You can give them commands via an app on your phone — no matter where you are.

Not only does this device let you turn your AC on and off at will, but it's also programmable: It will adjust to your routine and adjust the temperature throughout the day, such as setting the temperature before you arrive home or making the house cooler at night.

How will a smart AC controller save me money?

Like any smart thermostat, a smart AC controller lowers your energy usage. It lets you turn the air off when your house is empty or use a lower setting while you sleep. Less energy usage means lower bills — not to mention less pollution from energy generated with coal, gas, or oil.

Also, depending on your smart controller's settings, there will be less wear and tear on your AC unit over time, since it's running less. This can mean fewer repairs and lower long-term repair bills, all for the price of a single smart controller unit. (For example, the Cielo Breez Max currently costs just $125.)

Does a smart AC controller need to be professionally installed?

The short answer is no! It doesn't have to be wired in or programmed by a pro — all the unit needs is a line of sight to your AC or mini-split system. It doesn't even have to be hung on the wall, either. It can rest on a shelf or table!

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