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Expert gardener reveals a brilliant hack to rid your garden of slimy pests: 'Prevention is better than the cure'

"Great advice! Much needed."

"Great advice! Much needed."

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Is your vegetable garden under a slug siege?

These slimy pests can decimate seedlings overnight, leaving bare patches of soil where you hoped to harvest ripe tomatoes or carrots — and a Google search for "best ways to get rid of slugs" will yield a slew of harmful chemical concoctions.

Thankfully, organic gardener Jamie Walton (@nettlesandpetals) has no shortage of chemical-free ways to prevent slugs from ever appearing in your yard.

The scoop

Jamie's slug-free growing methods help your plants reach their fullest potential while drawing more beneficial wildlife to your yard.

"Plan for a slug free growing season now by removing all possible slug habitat from your garden, such as unused pots, planks of wood or any other debris," Jamie says. "Replace rotting raised bed sides and cut back overgrown areas near your growing beds."

Jamie also suggests using strategically placed habitats to trap the slugs, then relocating them far away from your veggies (but not into a neighbor's garden).

Gardeners can attract natural slug predators (birds, hedgehogs, toads, frogs, ground beetles, etc.) by "building beetle banks and log piles, installing wildlife ponds, and growing a diverse array of plants and flowers that attract predators."

"And by starting seeds in trays and pots and then transplant them out as young plants, rather than direct sowing them, ensures the plants are more resilient to pests too," Jamie says. "When it comes to slugs in an organic vegetable garden, like most things, prevention is better than the cure!"

How it's helping

Jamie's organic gardening tricks can save flora fanatics money by keeping them from having to replace ravaged vegetable plants. You'll harvest more veggies to feed your family or donate to those in need.

Taking the time to implement Jamie's tips will work wonders on your well-being, too, as time spent outdoors building a balanced ecosystem supports mental and physical health

Plus, naturally controlling pests reduces reliance on chemical pesticides that can pollute waterways.

What everyone's saying

Gardeners applauded Walton's Earth-friendly tips.

"Yes to prevention!" one Instagram user commented.

Others made light of past battles in their ongoing war against slugs. "My method is to swear at them as I throw them over the fence," a fan joked. "It is effective for about 2 hours."

Despite the slimy culprits, many were inspired to cultivate organic, money-saving gardens. "Great advice!" one said. "Much needed."

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