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Homeowner shares stunning before-and-after photos of 'mummified' cleaning hack for faucets: 'It's so satisfying'

"I love doing this."

Sink faucet cleaning hack

Photo Credit: u/MECO-420 / Reddit

A Reddit user has shared before-and-after photos of a revitalized sink faucet that looks as good as new — and they only used ingredients that were already in their kitchen to do it.

In a popular post on the r/CleaningTips subreddit, a user showed off several photos of a sink faucet that needed some cleaning and rejuvenation, as well as pictures of the same sink faucet after they used a clever strategy to clean it up.

Photo Credit: u/MECO-420 / Reddit

The user showed the faucet and its handle enveloped in pieces of paper towels that make it look like a mummy. 

"I cut paper towels into stripes so it would be easy to manage and cover," the user wrote in the photo's caption. "Vinegar saturated and mummified sink faucet success. This faucet is about 10 years old."

The "after" photos showed that the sink looked nearly spotless — the crusty gunk and smudges that pervaded much of the surface had been almost completely eradicated using nothing but vinegar and paper towels.

Photo Credit: u/MECO-420 / Reddit

By using products that you already have at home as cleaning supplies, you can save money on your next trip to the store because there's no need to buy new cleaning products.

Additionally, using natural products like vinegar allows you to avoid the harmful side effects of chemical cleaners you find in the store. For example, the American Lung Association detailed that synthetic cleaning supplies can trigger and exacerbate health problems like allergic reactions and respiratory conditions. 

Furthermore, the production of store-bought chemical cleaners can harm the environment, as runoff of the materials can cause algal blooms that damage the water supply and hurt aquatic life, according to AspenClean.

Reddit users shared their excitement about the vinegar hack and shared their own tips in the comment section of the original post. 

"​​Love vinegar for this type of build up!" one user wrote.

"Another option, if you don't want to do the paper towel thing, is to add a little xanthan gum to vinegar, which will make it a gel, and then you can just brush it on wherever you want," another user commented. "You can get it in the baking section of most grocery stores." 

"I love doing this. It's so satisfying," another user said.

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