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Frugal homeowner shares hack to make use of annoyingly common silica gel packets: 'Collect hundreds of them and use them'

"Wait, now I feel bad for tossing these."

"Wait, now I feel bad for tossing these."

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When opening medication, shoes, bags, or other goods, you will often find a little white package of silica gel that usually gets tossed into the trash. However, one Instagrammer has a few suggestions about how to make use of these packets. 

The scoop

Tyson Curates (@tysoncurates) shares thrifting tips, ideas, and special finds on their account. In one video, they show us how to repurpose silica gel packets. The clip shows several ways the small pouches can be used around the house. Good Housekeeping wrote about silica gel and its ability to absorb moisture and keep products dry during shipping and sale. Tyson lists several places where this property can come in handy. 

The video starts by showing a pair of boots, saying the packets can, "remove smell/moisture from your shoes while you're not wearing them." They can also be placed "in drawers or cabinets to keep dishes dry." 

Another way to repurpose the silica is "with any of your electronics," this can help absorb moisture to keep them safe from damage. The clip also claims these packets may help keep your razor from rusting in the shower.

If they seem to have lost their moisture-wicking powers, Tyson says, "you can recharge them by placing them outside in the sun." 

How it's helping

While it may seem like something so small can't help, these little packets might save you money in several ways. Using them to keep moisture away from your clothes can extend their lives and may even reduce how much you need to wash them.

Additionally, these items can be used in your pantry. Epicurious writes: "People add silica gel packets to prevent the salt from caking. Silica gel packets [also] work wonders with all sorts of crispy foods." Keeping your food fresh longer can save you money on trips to the grocery store. 

In addition to the benefits to your belongings and your wallet, holding onto silica gel packets helps keep them out of the landfill. While reusable in your home, these packets do not seem to be recyclable, but you can check with your local trash service to see if it's possible in your area. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were interested to learn about reusing these gel packets, and some even had some additional suggestions. One person wrote: "Collect hundreds of them and use them for drying flowers that's what I do lol, I have like a gallon of them at this point"

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Another commenter said: "Wait, now I feel bad for tossing these."

Someone else chimed in: "Yes! My husband never lets me toss these - he keeps them in his ammo boxes."

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