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Homeowner shows off 'gorgeous' results after shrinking lawn each year: 'I dig it up or use strips of cardboard'

"This is so helpful."

Shrink lawn

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A Redditor shared a photo of their lovely garden, from which they remove grass each year — and they also gave advice about how you can do the same.

In a recent post on r/NoLawns, a user shared a photo of their beautiful yard, along with an insightful caption.

Shrink lawn
Photo Credit: u/SunflowerJYB / Reddit

"I shrink my lawn every year," the post's caption reads.

"I dig it up or use strips of cardboard covered with pine needles," the user wrote in the caption. "And just plant stuff to take it over. Hardscaping helps: benches, stepping stones, bottle tree, rocks, bike, flower pots. Use boiling water when grass grows around stones."

In another comment, the user explained that they live in upstate South Carolina. 

"The grass is Bermuda and zoysia so it's pretty tenacious," they said in the comment. "I just cover it mostly to save my back. Pine needles are so easy to use as mulch! And cardboard underneath. Never herbicides."

People on r/NoLawns — and around the world — are moving away from traditional grass lawns to save money on water and embracing alternative plants like buffalo grass, clover lawns, and native plant lawns. By swapping out conventional grass for these alternatives, you can enhance local ecosystems and diversify the beautiful flora around your home.

Reddit users shared their enthusiasm for the OP's yard in the comment section of the post.

"This is so helpful! I'm planning/ beginning, and it seems so overwhelming. This is big inspiration and goals. Gorgeous yard!," one user said.

"Looks like a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. I'm working on doing the same in my house," another user wrote.

"Gorgeous!! It looks so lush. I could spend so much time looking at all of your plants!," a third user commented.

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