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Homeowner shares irksome letters from neighbors asking to cut down their healthy trees: 'What's the big deal?'

"They are your trees."

"They are your trees."

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A Redditor who shared a head-scratching note from their neighbors in which they were asked to cut down a row of beautiful trees set the r/mildlyinfuriating community ablaze. 

At first glance, it seemed right for the poster to tell the instigating neighbor to get…lost. But commenters were split, with others noting the poplars were surely a nuisance and maybe even hazardous. The white poplar species is invasive, though these appeared to be aspens, and the poster did not disclose their location.

"My neighbor has been giving me repeated note[s] to cut down my trees," the homeowner wrote. "These are my trees."

"They are your trees."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"They are your trees."
Photo Credit: Reddit

There are requests, and then there are requests. The method of conveyance may have been poor form, but at least the letter was respectful. And though the signatories alluded to "a lot of problems," they named just the "cleanup work" associated with "many" falling leaves, twigs, and branches, so perhaps. 

If that were the only issue, "Dennis the Menace" (as one commenter cleverly nicknamed the neighbors' spokesperson) and Co. didn't have a leg to stand on. Among the nearly countless benefits of trees, they provide shade and act as a windbreak, helping to reduce the cost of cooling and heating homes; add value to properties; and improve air quality while reducing flood risks.

As one user said: "I dont get it. Whats the big deal? They are just mad they have to pick up leaves?"

Another Redditor, however, encapsulated a more nuanced approach favored by others: "They are your trees, on your property and you can do what you want with them. So keep them.

"BUT… you should be aware that poplars can cause a lot of problems for both you and your neighbor. They grow huge root systems that can sometimes make the soil in the area basically useless for growing anything else. These roots can even cause damage to the foundations of buildings nearby. Also, poplars are hard to kill. If you just chop them down you will soon have new poplars sprouting everywhere."

Most commenters were just amazed at the brazenness of the request. One Redditor even started a comical Change.org petition on behalf of the original poster to instead "remove Dennis" from the neighborhood.

Sometimes, it's impossible to find the right answer. A healthy dialogue is a good starting point, and we can hope that in this case it led to meaningful education and a mutually acceptable solution that also benefited the planet. That kind of communication is necessary for a cleaner, safer future.

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