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Minimalist sparks conversation with photo of their 'zero-waste' shower upgrade: 'This is so useful'

"I have used it for a couple months now."

Zero-waste shower

Photo Credit: Reddit

An environmentally-friendly, zero-waste shower is a high bar to set, but one Reddit user has a few tips to make it work.

Zero waste refers to a lifestyle designed to reduce the amount of trash and wasted material a person produces. Instead, the goal is to consume less and to turn any discarded items into useful resources, either for the original owner or another person. 

People committed to zero waste choose what to buy based on this goal — so they look for products with less packaging and that can be repaired if they break, instead of single-use items that will end up in landfills. Reusing, recycling, and repurposing items are all major parts of the philosophy.

In a recent post on r/ZeroWaste, a user shows off a new, upgraded shower shelf stacked with soap and shampoo bars.

The shower shelf has several wire racks to set soap on instead of flat surfaces. This design doesn't trap water and allows air to reach all sides of the bar. 

In the comments, the Redditor says, "I have used it for a couple months now and I already notice my soap bars lasting longer since they stay dry between uses." 

The more soap a user saves, the less they'll have to buy — a smart move for the budget as well as the environment.

The original poster has also made the switch to shampoo bars, which are preferred in the zero waste community because they don't require a plastic bottle like traditional shampoo. Instead, they're a solid bar that users can wet to create suds, just like soap. 

Their photo includes a scalp scrubber that makes each bit of shampoo go even farther. "This is so useful for lathering and spreading shampoo bars once applied to the hair," the Redditor says.

In the comments, helpful Redditors swap tips and brand names to make the setup even better. 

"What do you do when the soaps get tiny enough to fall through the cracks?" asks one user, and they are quickly told how to combine the old bar with a new one. 

Another user has a suggestion for keeping the rack from falling down. "It fits this hook perfectly, it looks almost original," the Redditor says, sharing a link. 

It's clear that the group is committed to making this hack work for as many people as possible.

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