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Influencer sparks backlash with 'disturbing' video taken inside of shower: 'I hate it so much'

The global beauty industry produces an estimated 120 billion units of packaging annually.

Self-care products, disturbing' photo taken inside of shower

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Redditors have shared their outrage over an image of a shower lined to the brim with bottles of beauty and hygiene products.

A user shared a screenshot from a TikTok video posted by Selfcarebeautyyy (@Selfcarebeautyyy) to the r/anticonsumption subreddit, a community that focuses on the dangers of excessive consumerism. 

A part of the TikToker's routine appears to be dozens of hygiene products stockpiled in her shower, which looks more like a beauty store stockroom than a home bathroom. 

Photo Credit: u/Special_Possible11 / Reddit

The global beauty industry produces an estimated 120 billion units of packaging annually, much of which is not recyclable. 

Unfortunately, plastic recycling is nowhere near as effective as we've been led to believe. Many "recyclables" are either burnt at plants that release toxins into our air, shipped out to sea and dumped in our oceans, or sent to rot in landfills. Every year, an estimated 552 million shampoo bottles wind up in landfills.

Plastic items take hundreds of years to decompose. In the meantime, they break down into microplastics that can be harmful to animals that unwittingly consume them and to humans who consume fish or meat. 

This is why some consumers are ditching single-use plastic containers and turning to more sustainable hygiene solutions like shampoo bars and beauty refill stations.

Redditors took to the comment section to share their frustration. 

"The worst part is a lot of beauty products have expiration dates. Some of this stuff is going to go bad before it's used. What a waste," wrote one user.

"This photo gives me a headache," commented another Redditor.

"I usually don't agree with most posts on this subreddit. A lot of the time [photos depicting excess] can be explained by having a large household or liking certain things. This. This is disturbing, I hate it so much," wrote another Reddit user.

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