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This beloved, high-end fashion brand wants to pay you cash for your old clothes

"This one-stop-shop makes it easy to buy and sell items you no longer need."

Second Act Program M.M.LaFleur

Photo Credit: @mmlafleur/ Instagram

M.M.LaFleur, a high-end women's clothing brand, has launched a program called Second Act that allows customers to resell their pre-loved M.M.LaFleur items for store credit or cash. 

How does the Second Act program work? 

M.M.LaFleur keeps it simple. "This one-stop-shop makes it easy to buy and sell items you no longer need," the brand's website explains

When a customer decides to sell an item, the site offers catalog photos and prewritten descriptions, so all the user needs to do is answer a few questions about damages or stains on the item. The site will give a suggested price, and then the item can be listed. 

Once it is bought, the seller will receive a prepaid shipping label to send the item right to the buyer. 

You can choose to be redeemed in cash or a gift card — if you choose cash, you will receive 70% of the earnings, and if you choose a gift card, you will receive 100% of the selling price. 

Why should I resell my old clothes? 

Programs like Second Act are great for people who get bored with their wardrobes quickly or want to save some money. 

Buying high-end clothes is less of an investment when you have the opportunity to resell items in the future. It'll also save money in the long run and discourages customers for opting for cheap clothing that wears out fast. 

Plus, it's good for the environment. The top source of textile waste in America is clothing, the Environment Protection Agency reports. This is in part because recycling textiles is difficult — they are made of many materials, and not all are recyclable. 

When clothing decomposes in a landfill, the material releases planet-warming gases and plastics into the environment, polluting the air and water. 

Recycling even a few pieces of clothing helps to cut down on that — "When a dress is resold, its C02 impact is reduced by 79%," M.M.LaFleur reports

What if I want to resell non–M.M. LeFleur items? 

The Second Act program takes only M.M.LaFleur items, but plenty of other companies accept used clothes and accessories. 

The app, Lucky Sweater, lets you trade clothes with other users, and Cuyana Revive offers the option to resell handbags. You can even sell your used beauty products — GlamBot will pay you for lightly used or unopened makeup, skincare products, and perfume. 

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