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Here's how to earn cash — or earn even more in-store credit — by trading in your old bags and purses

Customers can receive either 70% of the resale price in cash or 100% in Cuyana credit.

Cuyana old handbags

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Cuyana Revive gives shoppers an opportunity to keep pre-loved Cuyana pieces out of landfills and get them into the arms of excited new owners.

What is Cuyana Revive?

Cuyana –– a women's premium essential brand that sells bags, clothing, small leather goods, and accessories –– created Cuyana Revive as a way to work with its customers to give products a second life and to create more sustainable practices as a brand.

Cuyana Revive has three ways that consumers can get involved: shopping, selling, or donating. 

The shop section features pages of gorgeous leather goods. Each item is shown with its original and reduced price, as well as with its original product photos and photos of the product in its current condition. 

Cuyana Revive makes reselling Cuyana bags and small leather goods easy. Sellers identify their product within Cuyana's catalog, list the item, and wait for it to sell. Once sold, the seller sends the product with a prepaid shipping label and chooses their payment method. They can receive either 70% of the resale price in cash or 100% in Cuyana credit.

This program also gives Cuyana shoppers the option to donate their used products. Cuyana has partnered with Los Angeles–based organization H.E.A.R.T., which works with "victims of family violence and sexual assault." The company makes this process seamless and ensures the products are going to a good cause.

Why should you care about Cuyana Revive?

Cuyana Revive is not only a great option for customers of Cuyana, but it is also a beautiful example of how brands can be intentional about the longevity of their products. It demonstrates how sustainability practices can extend far beyond production.

Initiatives like Cuyana Revive can help consumers find uses for products they no longer want and allow them to purchase pre-loved, discounted goods with ease. There are many other companies that are working to create options for consumers to think sustainably about goods they may have otherwise discarded.

Whether it's companies offering store credit to recycle used goods, turning worn socks into dog beds, or reselling lightly used sneakers, these sustainable options are increasing. Before you consider discarding that stack of clothes, remember there may be a way to extend the lifespan of your products –– and even to make some money in the process!

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