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This company will pay you for your gently used or unopened beauty products — here's how you can cash in

Selling makeup with GlamBot is a great way to recuperate some of the money spent on unused beauty products, declutter your vanity, and prevent waste.

GlamBot beauty products

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We've been there. You buy a beauty product, whether it's a new moisturizer, a popular foundation, or a celebrity-endorsed fragrance, and it just doesn't work for you. Life gets in the way, and you miss the return-by date or lose your receipt altogether. 

GlamBot is here to help. You can sell your gently-used or unopened beauty products to GlamBot to earn some of your money back and give items a second life. 

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How does GlamBot work? 

GlamBot has joined the ranks of secondhand sellers and trade-in programs as an online, secondhand makeup company — and it'll pay for your beauty products. You can sell makeup, skincare, perfume samples, and makeup tools using GlamBot's simple three-step process.

Before you begin, you'll want to clean out your vanity and gather at least 15 full-sized products from GlamBot's approved brands and items. GlamBot accepts popular makeup brands, including Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Makeup, Colourpop, Fenty Beauty, and more. 

Once you've said your goodbyes, you can request a free shipping label. Using GlamBot's packing instructions, pack your items into a box with bubble wrap and minimal tape. When you've prepared your package, you can ship it from your local post office. 

After GlamBot receives your package, they will send you cash or store credit within five business days. If you opt to receive Glambucks towards a GlamBot purchase, you'll receive an additional 30%. 

GlamBot ensures each product is sanitized before resale. "We use a combination of different sanitization techniques, which include the application of heat, the use of various alcohol solutions, detailed layered product removal, and the use of natural emollients," Glambot's founder, Karen Horiuchi, told Refinery29

Why should I sell my beauty products?

Selling makeup with GlamBot is a great way to recuperate some of the money spent on unused beauty products, declutter your vanity, and prevent waste.

Beauty products can be expensive, and you'll likely spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic products throughout your lifetime. The average American spends $722 on their appearance every year, including skincare, hair products, and makeup. Women spend about $877, and men shell out $592 on beauty items annually. 

Sending your unused products to GlamBot can help you recover a portion of the money you've spent and even help you find your next favorite. Additionally, beauty products are rarely used in their entirety before they are thrown out. 

By sending your items to GlamBot, you are preventing unnecessary waste. Cleaning out your beauty collection is a win for your wallet, your cluttered counter space, and the environment. 

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