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This elderly 'eco-dog' sniffs out plastic trash and saves it from the landfill: 'If a dog can do it, anyone can'

"We were all amazed."

Scruff, the eco-dog

Photo Credit: David Grant

Some dogs have an uncanny ability to smell bombs or even cancer. But Scruff, an elderly border collie, has made headlines for being out to sniff out plastic bottles wherever he goes. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?

When Scruff fetches these bottles littering the ground, they're still considered garbage. But once his humans — who live in Nuneaton, England — are done with them, they've been recycled.

This good boy has been collecting plastic since the beginning of 2022. So far, he's picked up over 1,000 bottles

Scruff's humans regularly post about his hauls on social media, using the hashtag #scruffsbottlepatrol, to show off his impressive collecting skills.

Back in Nuneaton, locals refer to Scruff as the "eco-dog" with some going as far as suggesting that he should sit on the city council. 

But despite their pooch's obvious talent for environmental activism, Scruff's humans — Yvonne Faulkner-Grant and her husband, David Grant — aren't totally thrilled that he's been so busy finding bottles.

"We were all amazed at how many bottles he would find — and we were also shocked at how many people were tossing them on the ground," David Grant told the Washington Post. "[But] we're glad that Scruff enjoys picking them up and can set an example of how to care for the planet." 

Across the world, people use over 1.2 million plastic bottles every single minute, and more than nine in 10 of those don't get recycled

Whether or not he understands the ins and outs of recycling, Scruff represents an inspiration to those who care about walks and the outdoors. David Grant put it well when he explained his furry friend's efforts to the South West News Service: "If a dog can do it anyone can."

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