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These 'self-sustaining' luxury homes take just 6 weeks to construct — and buying one could literally earn you money

"Your home has immediately higher long-term value than a traditional 'site-built' home."

S2A Modular Homes

Photo Credit: S2amodular

A construction company called S2A Modular is providing a range of luxury prefabricated homes in as little as six weeks — and each is designed to produce its own free electricity.

For most homeowners, the power bill is a major monthly expense. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. residence used 10,632 kilowatt hours in 2021. More than half of that energy went to heating and cooling, with the rest going to lights, appliances, and electronics. 

But S2A Modular co-founders John Rowland and Brian Kuzdas envision a world where you don't pay power companies for electricity — they pay you.

Enter #GreenLuxHome: S2A Modular's electrically self-sustaining houses. The homes are designed to reach "Net-Zero," meaning that they supply at least as much energy to the local power grid as they draw from it. 

"With your home connected to the grid as a backup power source, soon enough, you won't only eliminate energy bills," says the company's website, "utility companies may eventually write you checks for your home having contributed energy." 

The site goes on to say that the homes use Tesla Powerwall batteries and FreeVolt PV Graf solar panels to provide enough power not just to supply the needs of the household, but to charge electric cars as well.

This approach is an obvious money-saver for homeowners, but it's also great for the environment. Solar power doesn't produce heat-trapping gases, unlike electricity generated from burning coal or gas, so it contributes much less to rising global temperatures.

Meanwhile, S2A Modular's homes are designed for quality and value. The company offers a selection of 35 gorgeous floor plans and the option to design your own, all using high-quality materials and built-in smart features.

Once you choose the design that suits you, S2A Modular says the house will be completely ready for move-in in six weeks. 

As the company says, "You save time. You save money. You save energy. And your home has immediately higher long-term value than a traditional 'site-built' home."

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