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How this family-owned maple syrup business cut its energy costs down to almost $0: 'We're really excited about that'

"Making maple syrup is very energy intensive."

Runamok, Maple syrup

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Maple and honey are two of Earth's sweetest natural resources, and one syrup company is making an impressive effort to preserve the environment that provides so much sugary goodness.

Vermont-based maple syrup company Runamok captures so much energy with its facility's solar panels that its electric bill is almost nonexistent.

"Making maple syrup is very energy intensive, and we've always been very self-conscious about the amount of energy we consume as our business has grown," says Eric Sorkin, Runamok's co-owner and CEO, in a video on the company's website. "When we look at our production of maple syrup, we're very conscientious about our impact in the woods."

Norwich Solar assisted Runamok in planning and installing a solar array on the roof of the company's plant in Fairfax. Now, the company says that its electric bill has shrunk to "nearly zero" as a result of its stellar solar efforts.

It makes perfect sense that a company that sells syrup and honey would be concerned with the environment, as both products are sourced from nature. 

"Good maple syrup depends on healthy trees and so we protect the soil, encourage biodiversity, and treat the land we work on gently," Runamok's website states. "Honey bees rely on areas full of pesticide-free flowers, both wild and cultivated."

By relying on clean energy like solar, companies save vast amounts of money on operating costs by cutting their electricity bills. And they help reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding dirty polluting energy sources like coal and petroleum. 

EnergySage estimates that the average commercial business pays $1,950 on power per month — and by switching to solar power, the average energy bill drops almost 75% to around $500 per month.

Solar power isn't the Runamok's only environmental claim to fame, though. The Northeastern Organic Farmers Association has granted Runamok certified organic status, and the National Audubon Society also gave the company the Bird-Friendly Maple title.

"[Solar is] going to completely supply all our energy usage in the future. We're really excited about that," Sorkin says.

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