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Bargain hunter spots incredible deal on a $1,500 furniture set at a local thrift store: 'It's in excellent shape'

"It looks very high-end."

Room & Board bookcase

Photo Credit: u/damestillmen / Reddit

Good quality furniture that doesn't break the bank is hard to come by, but for the eagle-eyed thrifter, sometimes a discount will emerge that is so astronomical it's impossible to walk away without a purchase.

For example, this bookcase, posted into the r/thriftstorehauls subreddit, originally cost a hefty $1,500 from Room & Board according to the original poster. 

But by the time a frugal Redditor stumbled on it in a Salvation Army, it had been deducted to a mere $45.

"Thrifted an over 7ft long bookcase," they wrote in a caption. "It's in excellent shape!"

Room & Board bookcase
Photo Credit: u/damestillmen / Reddit

This bookcase is both sizable and elegant. The Redditor commented that it is made out of maple wood with a charcoal stain, with the wood grain still visible.

Unlike cheaper models from other brands, there's no MDF or artificial wood to be seen. This is all solid wood with wood veneers — which makes the low price all the more impressive.

It's also an extremely sustainable find, and not just because buying second hand will have kept this bookcase out of landfill

Room & Board's Rollins bookcases are made in the U.S., which means that transporting the materials and finished products within the country creates less polluting gases than other companies like IKEA, which source most of its products from China, Poland, Italy, Germany, and Sweden.

The company has also pledged to use 100% sustainably sourced wood by 2025 in an effort to reduce the harmful effects of uncontrolled deforestation. At the moment, the furniture industry is the third-largest user of forest food in the world. 

"It looks very high-end. Nice job, OP!" wrote one Redditor. 

"Room & Board is one of my favorite brands and I've bought many of their things secondhand," another commented. "I have alerts set up on my local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for the furniture because it's made really well and it is usually real wood and lasts forever."

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