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Bargain hunter shocked after finding pricey ribbon lamp on sale for just $10: 'These lamps are so expensive'

"Nice statement piece."

Ribbon lamp

Photo Credit: u/Desert-AZ-finds / Reddit

A Reddit user has taken to the site to share their shock after finding a rare designer ribbon lamp for just $10. 

The post drew attention online for both the discovery of the item and for how much the Redditor ended up paying — or how little, we should say.

After heading to Goodwill, the user discovered a beautiful mid-century Harry Balmer Laurel Ribbon Lamp which can be found online for prices around $1,800

"These lamps are so expensive," shares the user, adding that they "can't wait to find a shade for it."

Reddit has seen a rise in people sharing their amazing second-hand finds. Most recently, one user bought an "unreal" $3,000 dining table for just $200, and another bought a pair of vintage lamps for only $40. 

Buying pre-loved furniture is a fantastic way to save money and re-decorate with an eco-friendly approach.

The furniture industry contributes greatly to the 15 billion trees that are cut down each year, and buying used and pre-loved furniture helps to reduce the demand for deforestation. 

As of 2021, researchers estimate landfills will reach full capacity in about 15 years, so it's important to consider ways in which we can keep more goods out of the trash and in circulation.

And thrifting is a simple way to start — plus, you'll bring some extra character to your home.

"Nice statement piece," comments one user on the original post, while another suggests what type of shade the original poster should keep their eyes out for: "A simple white cylinder shade would really compliment its shape."

Other users simply took the time to congratulate the Redditor on the find, with comments including "This is so freaking cool. Great eye to spot this!" and "That is stunning 😍"

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